InnoSuTra 2007-2009


Business development is driven by innovations. Innovative products, processes and services are the key to success in the market. Innovative approaches and structures can improve motivation and results for staff and management.
We need to be innovative in order to compete on the market.
But do we know how to develop innovations and how to bring them onto the market?
A survey in all participating countries has shown that the subject is not sufficiently covered in vocational education and training.

Preparatory work

In 2005 a practical Guide to Support Innovations in SME was developed by the European project InnoSupport (2003-2005). Its content covers subjects which are part of the innovation process and the acceptance of the guide has proved its usefulness: More than 1000 registered users from over 50 countries around the world have accessed the online guide. More than 10.000 web pages refer to www.innosupport.net


Portal on Innovation Management

InnoSuTra continues with the predecessor project by updating and extending the content of the guide. The chapters of the guide are structured in a quick and easy to use format and services goal-oriented information needs in the working process.
The guide will be improved using more media elements that support and motivate learning. The chapters include examples, checklists and instructions.
A platform for an online community enables the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the users by offering:

  • ‘Innovation Rooms’ for exchanging ideas to solve problems within a closed user group
  • Space for user generated content (knowledge, experiences, hints, additional resources) using web 2.0 technologies like wikis, blogs etc
    The contents will be available in English, German, Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Latvian.


Target group

The project addresses specialists and executive staff, human resource managers, staff responsible for product and process development and construction design in small and medium enterprises who need to know the basics of a successful innovation practice.

The guide is also geared at addressing the needs of students, marketing and service personnel, management consultants – everybody who is interested in innovation management issues.


  • Complex requirements of innovations can be better identified, considered and applied, e.g. creativity techniques to find innovative ideas, patent-protected issues, and intercultural competencies for international marketing.
  • Guide and platform offer orientation, learning and exchange with colleagues according to individual needs.
  • The competitiveness will be increased by knowing about innovation influencing factors.
  • Focus of pro-competence in InnoSuTra is quality assurance and the development of some of the new modules.For further information please see:



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