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Das Erasmus+ partnership project "Art and Social Change"

In joint work, a training concept for socio-educational and medical personnel in the field of addiction treatment has been developed. It is an innovative approach that has been successfully implemented already in Palermo, Italy, by Comunità Terapeutica Casa dei Giovani http://www.casadeigiovani.it/vecchiosito/. The direct encounter and work on an art project by dependents and caregivers improves communication, enables a change of perspective and a more relaxed encounter. The educational-didactic concept (IO3 Training Course Educational Frame) as well as the Implementation Guide (IO4 Educational Guide) are available on this website as important products.

CPD Training Course Educational Frame:


Pro-competence led the development of the pedagogical-didactic framework for professional development. This framework is designed so that it can also provide important input for further planning in other areas of education and training.

You can find the training manual prepared under the guidance of the Italian partner Comunità Terapeutica Casa dei Giovani here:


During a project conference in December 2018 in Vilnius, pro-competence presented basic positions on the motivation and motivational design of further education. You can find this article here:


On the project website you will find further information: http://www.artandsocialchange.eu

You will find us also on Facebook @artandsocialchangeEU

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