Oral Culture Bridge between the Past and the Future

Grundtvig Learning Partnerships 2013

Culture constitutes the identity of a given society and it acts as a bridge that links the old generation with the young one.

Cultural elements are passed down to the next generation in many ways. "Oral culture" products, i.e., proverbs, idioms, epigrams, and everyday expressions are considered as means of communication transmitted from the old generation to the next one. The young population in Europe tend to be oblivious to own cultural products and alienated from them. That’s why this project is of vital importance for our future as it will help us remember and pass them down to our younger generation.


Our project partners are institutions that offer adult education in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and Turkey. The project aims to build a bridge whose bricks are oral cultural products from across Europe. The project seeks to show the historical and cultural partnership across Europe via oral cultural products. Our project aims to build a bridge that connects the past and the future; moreover, it will reinforce the bridge between partner countries.

Participants in this project will learn about oral cultural products and the perspective of life of each community.

The meetings will allow participants to identify idioms, proverbs and expressions that are used by different communities. The project aims to foster intercultural awareness among the participants since oral cultural products will be presented during the workshops and meetings.

The project will allow learners to share oral cultural experience, which is planned to be disseminated via "Online e-dictionary” and "e-collection of bibliography" web site, e-bulletins, etc. to revitalize the oral cultural products in danger of being obsolete.


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