Sokrates Grundtvig 1 Project with partners from Bulgaria, Finland, Spain and Germany
Promoter: institut für neue medien (ifnm) Rostock - www.ifnm.de
Lifetime October 2004 – February 2007

The project RIPE FOR THE INTERNET represents the spreading and consequent continuation of the basic idea of the MEETING OF GENERATIONS project and the tested and developed curricula within (www.meetgen.org).

In the focus of the project are the development, piloting and implementation of a training course for European adult educators, who afterwards will be in charge as multipliers. European trainers will learn in the course how to organise and to accompany computer courses for seniors. They will acquire knowledge on pedagogical-didactical issues for giving assistance to young students who will work as computer teachers. In addition, they learn about the use of the PC by working with the course modules which had been developed in the previous project: basic course (Module 1) and internet course (Module 2). This course is divided into face-to-face classrooms and self-paced learning using the developed online-learning environment.

In the first year of the project lifetime the learning environment was extended by new languages and additional contents that particularly include target group oriented topics. The new contents are topics related to all-day-life assistance and arrangements for seniors as medicine, travelling, shopping and banking in the internet, legal issues related to seniors’ needs as well as picture editing on the PC.

In the second year of the project, a curriculum and training material for the course of European adult educators has been developed and piloted in Rostock, Germany and Ikaalinen, Finland. It has been included into the Grundtvig Data base for G3 courses and was carried out successfully twice by the Spanish and the Bulgarian Project partners in Malaga and Varna. The partners are planning the organisation of further G3 Courses for adult educators.

pro-kompetenz has accompanied and evaluated the project


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