Mindwellness 2008-2010

Mindwellness is a 2-year international project, funded by the European Union’s “Grundtvig” programme. There are 11 project partners in 9 countries, including relevant specialists in adult education, pedagogues, medical doctors, university researchers, ICT experts and social researchers.

Target groups

• People aged over fifty who have no existing mental health problems and who want to maintain their mental fitness.

• Trainers and professionals providing brain training for the elderly


• Adult training organisations, who can use the material to organise courses

• Associations of older people, retirement homes and other residential communities for older people, who can use the material as part of a daily routine

• Researchers investigating the effect of brain training on the mental fitness of older people
The project will develop innovative training material aimed at older people (working or retired) to help them retain mental flexibility. The outcomes of the project include:

• A national and comparative analysis on the current position of older citizens and learning in higher age
• A collection of good examples and best practice related to brain training
• Online training material with exercises on brain training
• A handbook on brain training for older people, providing a theoretical basis for use by trainers and experts
For further information please see www.mindwellness.eu

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