InnoCase 2014-2015

Case based training for Innovation Management

INNOCASE stands for “Developing Case Based Vocational Training for Innovation Management”.

It is promoted by the European Commission, under the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation (LdV).

Its aim is to develop a comprehensive training program on Innovation Management to improve skills and capacities of SMEs based on the demands and needs of business environment.

The content of the training program which is adapted and developed comprehensive training materials according to the needs of Turkish SMEs, is linked to the LdV project “Innosupport” (www.innosupport.net) that had been developed and coordinated by pro-kompetenz.

Pro-kompetenz staff contributed with case studies to the successful project implementation.

With INNOCASE, the “Training Program for Innovation Management” which provides well-defined content with real life cases, is presented for SMEs in Turkey.

For further information please see http://innocase.org/



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