DYS2.0 - Train your senses 2009-2011

Dys2.0 – Learning Games for young dyslexic adults
Challenge dyslexia
Many people see dyslexia just as a reading and writing difficulty. But the problems that cause these difficulties impact also many other life skills. Interactive exercises – we call them learning games - can help to train specific skills of dyslexic persons. Such exercises are available, but the majority of them is focused on children. Young adults do not like to use them because these exercises are to childish to them.
EDysGate (a GRUNDTVIG project 2006-2008) provides a motivating and stimulating learning environment for a carefully selected range of skills known to be important for young dyslexic adults.

The project ended on 30th September but the results will be available for free also now for further use. What were the objectives of DYS 2.0?

DYS 2.0 (a GRUNDTVIG project 2009-2011) has transferred the existing EDysGate games  into other 3 languages and new socio-cultural environments. The DYS 2.0 project partners  developed many new games and they expanded the learning environment by a game configurator and a blog.

For more information visit please - www.dys2.org


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