"InnoSupport" - Innovation Guide developed to support Innovation in SME in Europe is available now

he material represents a guide in the form of a series of components which has been designed and developed to support innovation in SMEs by a transnational partnership and partly funded by the European Programme Leonardo da Vinci.

The guide is available as a web-based system, a CD and a handbook in the languages of the project partners (English, German, Latvian, Romanian).

Who is this guide for?

The guide is an introduction to basic tools to support innovation in SMEs. It does not address experienced R&D experts but staff in SMEs (managers, employees and trainees) who have to develop innovative products and services to suit their own circumstances and look for some tools that may assist them. Therefore, it also addresses students or continuing professional development trainees who might use it as "a pocket guide" for economic and innovation related subjects. Business consultants might wish to use it as an additional tool to support their clients or to give their clients a general understanding of innovative issues.

What is the scope of the guide?

The components have been designed to support the learning of the innovation related processes in the workplace.

First, the material informs the reader of what a certain technique or process can be used for. The information on where and how to apply the tool  aims to help the reader to decide if a  more intense application will be useful for you and the objectives you have in mind. Examples and case studies are meant to underpin the understanding and illustrate practical applications.

The information on tools will enable the reader to apply and test the tools immediately, supported by checklists and links to relevant further information. This product is therefore a combined learning and working tool.

After reading the content the reader will be in a better position to make a sound decision on the usefulness of a certain innovation tool for his purposes and working environment.

The CD and printed versions of the guide are available at a price of 150 Euros plus forwarding expenses.

For further information please see www.innosupport.net

pro-kompetenz was the coordinator of this transnational project


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