INNOSTART - Innovative Tele-Services for SME

Leonardo da Vinci pilot project with partners from
Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and France
Duration: November 2002 - October 2004

The wide spread use of powerful IT networks enables new innovative business application. This is valid not only for the IT sector but increasingly also for other branches like the industrial-technical service branch. New IT based services enable and initiate the set-up of new enterprises as well as the stabilization of existing companies.

The use of tele-service and tele-cooperation on the basis of IT networks allows the expansion of business activities nationally and internationally.

How to bring this IT know-how into SME?
The project INNO-START tackles the problem already in the initial vocational training phase. Interested trainees get some additional training in these future orientated IT matters.

At the same time the trainees develop a relevant project in their company by using the new technology and applying the skills they have acquired.
This way, the SMEs gain the know-how for the supply of innovative services as well as for the cooperation in virtual enterprises on a European level.

Further information:

Project website:  www.innostart.net
Contacts: LiNK MV, Martin Hagemann as Project coordinator

pro-kompetenz, Dr.Gerd Zimmer for analysis instruments (SOTA, piloting) and process accompanying evaluation


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