Babelium - A Language Project under the European Lifelong Learning Programme

ICT-based training for foreign language speaking skills

Nowadays the need to speak a second language is becoming more of a necessity in our multicultural society. Babelium has been developed to address this need and promote language learning.

What are our aims?

Language skills can be essential when dealing with foreign clients and colleagues. Students doing an Erasmus or internship abroad also need these skills. Moreover, speaking the language of a country can make visiting it much more rewarding and can sometimes be vital for circumstances when we are in need of help.

With this in mind, we want to make your learning of languages easier and more efficient by developing an online resource that can be adapted to fit your schedule. This resource can also be used as an additional tool for language teachers who want to make their classes more interesting and varied.

In both applications, Babelium focuses on developing oral expression skills in language learning.

Who can use Babelium?

Babelium is for anyone who wants or needs to improve their oral language skills. It can also be used by language teachers seeking an efficient tool to aid their students’ learning.

Using a creative commons license, we will make Babelium available to everyone, including:


  • Managers and employees who need to deal with foreign clients and workers
  • Students who need to prepare for an internship or Erasmus
  • Immigrants who want to integrate quickly into their new community
  • People of all ages who want to travel abroad and learn more about different cultures by communicating with the local people in their language
  • Teachers and trainers looking for an effective didactic tool to help develop speaking skills.

 This programme is designed to be used by anyone who wants to practice speaking the language they are learning. As we all know: we can only learn to speak by speaking!

So try it out and discover what Babelium can do for you! Let your staff or students know!

How does it work?

You will need a computer that is equipped with a microphone and webcam. Many of us now have this technology at home.

You can then request a password by visiting:


Once you log in, you can start working with people you know, for example, your teacher and fellow students, or you can meet new people on the platform. These people may be native or non-native speakers but they will all be there to learn and will help you towards achieving your own learning objectives.

If you would like to consult the user guide for further information you will find it here:



You can also watch a demo-video that shows you how a Spanish is learning English with the platform:

This learner is practicing at a high level, but you can find all kind of exercises, starting with A1 beginners. 

Babelium will be fully completed in 2015. You can follow its step-by-step progress by visiting:


Pro-kompetenz is responsible for quality management and formative evaluation. We will provide templates and tools for analysis and develop the foreign language learning content in German.





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