Institute for Project Support and Competencies Development "pro-competence"
(Institut für Projektbegleitung und Kompetenzentwicklung - pro-kompetenz- e.V.)

pro-kompetenz was founded in 2003, registered association, recognized as “Friendly Society”.

Objectives: Design education for promoting, developing and using human potentials in a more holistic and sustainable way. Support education providing input from many years of practise and applied research.

Specific areas of expertise:

• Develop innovative pedagogical concepts and learning environments
• Implement innovative learning settings, pedagogical-didactical approaches for learning with digital media
• Formative evaluation, provide input to project implementation and product development, Quality Assurance
• Thematic areas: AE and VET, innovation and knowledge management, HRM, learning for social integration

pro-kompetenz staff has coordinated or been involved in more than 40 EU projects. In national projects, promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education, pro-kompetenz has provided guidance and input in order to develop and to test new learning approaches.

We assist the transfer and implementation of innovative pedagogical and didactical concepts in daily educational routines.




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