Process-accompanying evaluation – a core task of pro-kompetenz

pro-kompetenz defines process-accompanying evaluation as the planned influence on a project course. It comprises a continuous contact with the project management and the partners involved, modes of procedure and results are discussed and measures to assure and improve quality are stimulated. We are ready to input our expertise as an additional partner for the success of the project.

pro-kompetenz offers you

  • Process-accompanying quality assurance of your project as a „good conscience of your intentions“
  • Evaluator input for the design of needs analyses, curricula, didactical concepts and for many topics

pro-kompetenz accompanies national and international projects. 

The concept successfully applied by us is "External Process Accompanying Monitoring and Evaluation" ( EPAME) and it has proved very worthwhile as a project-oriented approach to continually monitor and promote the quality of the implementation and the results of a project.

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