InterGen 2010-2012

InterGen - Training material for intergenerational mentoring

Promote intergenerational understanding and assistance

The background
Mentoring projects exist in many fields. Due to the positive experiences for both sites, older people and children, social organisations and individuals are more and more interested in initiating new initiatives.

In order to develop successfully a mentoring project, we have to considerate various aspects and circumstances. There is information available, e.g. from the successful "Nightingale" project from the Swedish University in Malmö. There, students have been working together with children and provided successful mentoring. Those experiences, gathered in many years of practical work, have been now put together in order to create a guide for professionals who plan to organise a mentoring project.

What are benefits from intergenerational mentoring projects?
• The older people find new activity and interest by actively supporting others
• The children find a new role model and support from an adult outside their family
• Families may need the support of a non-judgemental person, helping the child(ren)
• Educators, social workers and schools welcome the additional resources

At the end of the project, a guide to support professionals who want or need to organise intergenerational mentoring projects will be available for free in the partner languages.

For further information please:

England Point Europa Ltd., Cawsand in Cornwall
Germany pro-kompetenz, Rostock
Austria Volkshilfe Steiermark Gemeinnützige BetriebsGesmbH, Graz
Sweden Universität Malmö
Slovac RepublicFórum pre pomoc starším - národná sieť, Prievidza
Spain Inveslan, Bilbao

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