Designing a didactic e-learning programme

Using new information and communication technologies (ICT) for training and further training (e-learning) has become the state of the art in many fields. Quite often the technology is put in the foreground – wrongly so.

There is no didactics for e-learning explicitly, but accepted teaching and learning theories have to be verified against the new conditions of e-learning and may have to be developed further.

pro-kompetenz combines expert knowledge of teaching and learning with the field of IT.

pro-kompetenz offers didactic counselling when you are designing and drawing up education programmes and teaching materials.

pro-kompetenz helps to understand and take into consideration the complex nature of e-learning projects. Here we underline the importance of success criteria such as:

  • Taking into account the conditions for learning at the place of work 
  • Integrated further development of the competences of trainers, lecturers, teachers etc.   
  • Development of institutional-organisational competences in handling e-learning
  • Management of change (Change Management)
  • Evaluation and education monitoring

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