HR MANAGER – Project to improve competences for managers and human resources department’s personnel from South West Oltenia, Romania

Implementation period: 1st of April 2009 – 30th September 2010

The project is promoted by the European Social Fund Programme for Romania

Objectives: increase the level of adaptability and flexibility of human resources throughout the development of managers and workers skills in human resources management and competencies development in order to improve the lack of knowledge on the Romanian labour market.

• Research on the actual level of development of human resources in the South West Oltenia Region, in order to design lines and tendencies of the human resources development.
• Increase the level of evaluation of human resources throughout specialized software concerning human resources management. 
• Increase the level of professionalism and productivity of labour force in human resources management by implementing training sessions.
• Increase the level of productivity of labour force from SMEs from the South West Oltenia Region.
• Awareness campaign.

Target group/Final beneficiaries:  Managers and personnel from human resources departments from South West Oltenia.

The project promoter
EUROPROJECT is the project promoter and has the role and responsibility to manage the overall project implementation and to perform the specific tasks for preparing the project activities.

The project partners
(P2) YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS ASSOCIATION FROM SOUTH WEST OLTENIA OLTENIA - PTIR SVO is an entrepreneurial association which addresses to the young entrepreneurs from South West Oltenia Region. Main activities are: represent young entrepreneurs’ interest in relation to regional and national authorities;
Provide assistance and consultancy to the young entrepreneurs;
Elaborate and implement programs addressed to the young entrepreneurs; Develop working reports and youth networks; Organise entrepreneurial courses. 

(P3) Institute for Project Support and Competencies Development "pro-competence"
pro-kompetenz will bring in the research and training methodology, with insuring the transfer of sound practice, knowledge and information for the implementation of the activity of the project and with organizing the work visits for the Romanian project implementation team in Germany. Also, the partner will participate to the conceptual development of the software and courses (didactical and pedagogical aspects).


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