Competence for cooperation with people from different cultures

Intercultural competence is seen by us as a key competence for successful orientation and interaction in the professional and private environment

focuses its attention on making people attentive to basic cultural differences. This corresponds to a holistic approach which helps to improve orientation and work in differing situations and to appreciate and make use of chances in intercultural cooperation.
pro-kompetenz has acquired its expertise in theoretical debates on the subject and in practical activity in projects to promote integration and intercultural cooperation and in many years of work in intercultural teams.
pro-kompetenz offers
  • Counselling for need-tailored development of intercultural competence of employees
  • Controlling the quality of training and further training in the field of developing intercultural competence in institutions and  organisations
  • Competent cooperation in projects of intercultural competence development or in their evaluation.
pro-kompetenz has successfully designed and evaluated projects for the development of foreign language and intercultural competence in enterprises and is offering this service to other organisations.

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