Acquisition of foreign languages tailored to needs and motivation

Analyses carried out by us on the need for developing foreign language cooperation competence in enterprises and on the accompanying and final evaluation of foreign language courses have shown that quite often the potentials are not fully made use of. This especially applies to the selection of teaching materials, the teaching and learning methods used, and the motivational design of the learning processes that do not correspond to the needs of the enterprise.

pro-kompetenz has at its disposal top expertise stemming from many years of theoretical and practical work in teaching foreign languages at basic and advanced levels as well as providing language courses for adult learners.

pro-kompetenz offers the following services:
  • Counselling for designers of need-tailored foreign language competence development of employees in enterprises 
  • Checking the quality of foreign language training and further training in institutions and enterprises.
  • Cooperation in and evaluation of foreign language projects 

pro-kompetenz has successfully designed, accompanied and evaluated projects for the development of foreign language and intercultural competence in enterprises and it offers this service to organisations interested in it.


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