Developing, introducing and assessing education concepts and learning materials

This task requires a subject-overriding know-how, above all theoretical and practical  knowledge in the fields of education, didactics/methods of teaching and subject matter. We can process teaching matter for the learning process, so that it may be acquired according to need and with motivation. Our team comprises teachers who not only can submit expertise in their field but long-standing experience in teaching adults as well. Our philosophy is - learning should be fun, a life long, the benefit for the learner is to stand in the foreground, ie concepts and materials have to be motivating, real-live and tailor-made.

pro-kompetenz offers counselling and support in the

  • Analysis of learning needs
  • Development of teaching and learning materials  
  • Planning of the learning process and transfer
  • Evaluation of learning programmes

pro-kompetenz has managed several national and international projects and has been a competent partner in developing, piloting and evaluating learning programmes. We gladly offer our assistance in the implementation of your objectives.


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