HELP Healthcare English Language Programme

HELP 2 Healthcare Language Learning Programm started!

The freely available learning platform English for medical personnel HELP, supported within the Erasmus+ frame of the European UnionErasmus logo, has already hundreds of users on all continents. The innovative approach was recognized in 2017 with the European Language Label.

Now there is a follow-up project with HELP2, which we have been working on since November 2018.
The learning modules in English for medical personnel and also the intercultural units are being extended.
There will be ten free learning modules for medical German and intercultural competence. By April 2021 at the latest, the entire material will be available.

Until then, we invite you to continue to use the existing learning platform HELP.

Wherever you choose to use the learning - in education and training or at work - it is available for free on the platform or as an app in Google Playstore for non-commercial use.

Take a look at the tutorial and use it like hundreds of learners!

Logo Help HELP is here to help! Learning platform: http://help-theproject.eu/moodle/

More information concerning the existing HELP learning platform: http://help-theproject.eu/

European Language Learning Programme BABELIUM

After many months of video production, almost 400 videos in English, French, German, and Spanish have been created by the Babelium team. These videos can be utilised by learners at any level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, from A1 to C level, and have been specifically developed to improve oral skills and overall fluency in second language learners. Students and teachers alike are now invited to use the platform and videos.

All of the video exercises have been created under a Creative Commons licence so that they are freely available for use by anyone and can be adapted by teachers if necessary to meet the learning requirements of their students.

The final platform is available at www.babeliumproject.com
More information and news about Babelium can be found on the project website,
www.babelium-project.eu. The Babelium team can also be contacted by email and will be
happy to provide more detailed information to anyone interested in finding out more.



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